The ARD Foundation is a non-government and non-profit organization based in North Carolina that seeks to raise funds for medical research in the areas of oncology and immunotherapy, as well as for the development of new technologies that help with cancer treatments. The Foundation prioritizes projects with an emphasis on genetic sequencing characterized by the cell genome and genetic engineering (e.g. CAR-T Cell Therapy, vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, etc.).

Board of Medical-Science

With the aim towards providing greater transparency towards our project selections, the ARD Foundation reorganized its medical board, today composed of oncologists, hematologists, biochemists, and biologists who are passionate and dedicated to medical research. The group was entrusted with the mission to create the criteria used to select which projects will received our seal of approval, helping them on their search for sponsorship. Depending on the quantity of funds available and the decision of the administrative board, the projects will be either partially or fully financed. It is crucial for each project’s page to be regularly updated in order to ensure donors have ample understanding as to how their donations are helping in the fight against cancer.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria used by our board will take into consideration scientific merit, relevance, social impact, impact on the scientific community, environmental impacts, and the sustainability of the project.

• Curriculum Vitae (Lattes);
• Titles and Diploma;
• Recommendation Letter from the established entity which the researcher has partnered with;

II. Project Requirements

Projects must provide a short summary containing the following information:
• General Objectives
• Reasons for Proposal
• Methodology
• Experiments;
• Ethical Aspects;
• Financial Needs

III. Submitting to the Board of Medical-Science

After the project has been reviewed by the ARD Foundation, a videoconference interview will be scheduled to defend the project and answer any possible questions the Board might have.

IV. Approving the Projects

At least half of ARD’s Board of Medical-Science must vote in favor in order to approve the project. Once accepted, the project will be directed towards ARD’s board of directors. Non-approved or partially-approved projects can be resubmitted after revision as per the Board of Medical-Science’s suggestions.