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The objective of this study is to improve cancer survivorship outcomes by initiating lifestyle changes in exercise and  nutrition and to prevent the recurrence of cancer.


 Who Will Benefit?

Patients with any kind of cancer and in various stages of treatment who may report a greater benefit from a targeted health intervention.


Through a personalized health intervention, including the use of a wearable exercise tracker, physical activity and lifestyle changes.

We will provide trackers — at no cost — to patients and also educate them on the aim of the study.

Participants will log their food intake and mood in addition to their activities that get charted through the wearable trackers.

At the end of the program, participants will be asked to complete a self-reported survey on their experience of using the wearable tracker.

We will also measure improvement in functional outcomes for patients undergoing formal rehabilitation program therapy.


There is an absence of consensus on the optimal activity program for cancer survivors, but it is hoped that with this program’s approach — the addition of a wearable exercise tracker and abilityto log and view physical activity data — we will be able to provide a more optimal and tailored program for improving the outcomes and quality of life for cancer survivors.